Our Purpose

(from By-laws revised 7 March 2013)

Article II Purpose, Section 2. Purpose.  The purpose of the Society will be:

  1. To preserve, perpetuate and replicate the records of our ancestors.
  2. To educate and promote the study of genealogy.
  3. To educate, promote and support family history and research through the use of computer and other technologies as they become available.
  4. To cooperate with genealogical, historical and related organizations in furthering usual purposes.
  5. To support the Peoria Public Library and its genealogical department; to purchase publications, microfilm, microfiche or other genealogical material to be managed by said library.
  6. To promote authorship of genealogical articles and publication of gathered materials.
  7. To encourage the preservation, proper maintenance and recording of cemeteries.
  8. To discourage the destruction of vital records and the creation of undue limitations upon access to such records by persons involved in family history research.

Article II, Purpose, Section 3 Area:  The Society shall concentrate primarily with Peoria County, Illinois.