Tell Your Family Story

Prairie Roots is a semi-annual published magazine of the Peoria County Genealogy Society. In the second issue of Prairie Roots (1974) society President Ed Coltrin wrote "I like to feel the true 'prairie roots' are the persons who make up these small forgotten cemeteries. These are the little people who never made the history books as individuals, yet they cleared the land and made the progress that has made today possible for us. These lonely stones sticking up out of the weeds are the monument to their existence and to their struggles against the elements and uncontrolled disease."
(Source: Peoria Genealogical Society, PRAIRIE ROOTS, Vol. II, No. 1, pg. iv)

PCGS needs you to share your family’s story to highlight "the true prairie roots". You can do that by writing a family story, sharing an old picture with a caption that tells how its meaningful to you, parts of an old diary, old postcards, writing about a research trip you have taken, writing about how you have broken down a brick wall, or sharing a review of your favorite genealogy book.

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